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The Unified Theory of the Nervous System
and Behavior

Cognitive Philosophy /Brain Theory by Steven Michael Harris

The newest developments and communications concerning this broad-reaching theory are presented these days in podcast form. "Everyone's Revolution" is the podcast of The Unified Theory of the Nervous System and Behavior. With tens of thousands of downloads, it is the best place to be bringing forth new ideas and new implications concerning the basic ideas that were first articulated in these essays mostly a decade ago. As one neuroscience grad student fan of mine wrote - "you will be hard pressed to find a grad student without an iPod. The podcasts are a great place to hear your ideas." Besides - the broad reach of these theories causes some to pass judgment on my work as "crazy" without investigation, but it is easier to get a sense of what this is all about when you can hear the sound of my voice and the logic of the evidence presented in the podcasts. (The podcast form is much more forgiving and easier for me as well.)

Theory Index

Many of the problems of medicine, biology, psychology and philosophy require an understanding of the basic mathematical principles behind how the nervous system does what it does to achieve function and experience, and that mathematics is not explained using narrowly-focused statistics. Understanding how this math works will be the tool for the discovery of many answers of great importance to humanity. The case for this concept and the offering of an explanation of this kind of math is made in the many essays of this website.

On these pages you will find ideas that should haunt you. Included are new concepts in science, medicine, sociology, evolutionary psychology, philosophy and more...

This website and the podcasts of Everyone's Revolution explain how the brain creates the mind, but many side issues must be resolved in order to teach this material. Once you realize that the "hard problems" are really the first problems to be answered, you then have a tool for changing all of science and medicine by explaining a massive number of discoveries that will fall into line in order to unify the evidence. All of the evidence is good. The interpretations of the evidence are mistaken in many cases. For ten years now there have been new discoveries of evidence that all move in the direction of supporting this theory (or this school of many theories) and its predictions. Quite a few people have started to pay attention to this theory as well.

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